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Kia Rio: Audio Unit Schematic Diagrams - Audio - Body Electrical System - Kia Rio UB 2012-2020 Service ManualKia Rio: Audio Unit Schematic Diagrams

System Block Diagram

Audio Unit Description

Audio Unit Components
Terminal specification(PA30A) No Terminal Description Condition Specified Condition A1 Loudspeaker Rear Left+ Needed connection to the ca ...
Audio Unit Description
Introduction to CD If the temperature inside the car is too high, open the car windows for ventilation before using your car audio. It is ...
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Service Standard
Item Specification Ignition Timing () BTDC 3 10 Idle Speed (rpm) A/C OFF Neutral, N, P-range 630 100 D-range ...

1. Disconnect the battery negative terminal. 2. Disconnect the air compressor connector (A) and the alternator connector (B), and remove th ...

Electric Oil Pump: Installation
1. Installation is the reverse of removal. ...

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