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Kia Cee'd: Voice Recognition / Voice Recognition and Phonebook Tips

The Kia Voice Recognition System may have difficulty understanding some accents or uncommon names.

When using Voice Recognition to place a call, speak in a moderate tone, with clear pronunciation.

To maximize the use of Voice Recognition, consider these guidelines when storing contacts:

• Starting voice command

Shortly pressing the key (under 0.8 seconds):

• Skipping Voice Recognition

Shortly pressing the key (under 0.8 seconds):

Shortly pressing the key (under 0.8 seconds):

• Ending voice command

Shortly pressing the key (under 0.8 seconds):

Ending voice recognition
While Voice Recognition is operating Press and hold the key on the steering remote controller. ✽ NOTICE While using voice command, pressing a steering wheel remote control or a differ ...
Voice Command List
• Common Commands: These commands can be used in most operations. (However a few commands may not be available during certain operations) • FM/AM radio Commands: Commands available du ...
Other information:

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