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Kia Rio: Floor Console / Floor Console Assembly

Kia Rio 2017-2020 YB Service Manual / Body (Interior and Exterior) / Floor Console / Floor Console Assembly
Components and components location
Component Location

1. Floor console assembly

Repair procedures

Put on gloves to protect your hands.


Use a plastic panel removal tool to remove interior trim pieces without marring the surface.

Take care not to bend or scratch the trim and panels.


To remove the gear knob & gear boots (A) pull both of it up.


Using a remover, remove the floor console upper cover (A).


Disconnect the connectors (A) from the floor console upper cover.


Remove the parking brake cover (A).


Remove the console bracket (A) after loosening the screws.


Disconnect the console connector (A) and loosen the mounting bolt.


Remove the console armrest mat (A).


Loosen the console upper mounting bolts (A).


Loosen the console both side front mounting screw (A).


Remove the console complete (A).


Install in the reverse order of removal.


Make sure the connector is connected properly.

Replace any damaged clips.

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